Our soft Corn is manufactured with the best quality Corn from our harvest after a thorough control selection.

Superior tenderness and special crunchy. More than a convencional Snack.

Special for mixes, great taste and fine flavor, manufactured for customers who seek a good quality at the best price.

Just more than Corn, Supreme Corn is the finest corn in the world , maximum taste and the softest pleasure for your senses.

Our Giant Corn is the biggest roasted corn nuts, size exceeding 15mm.

Giant corn plants are grown under special climate at the Inca´s mountains and imported directly from Perú.

It´s a special and exclusive Corn, a healthy relation between health and taste, baked with natural vegetal oil, really a different Snack.

Broad Beans is a typical Snack in our Mediterranean area and appreciated in most other countries.  They are collected from our fields with special and carefull quality selection.  Broad Beans have many medicinal properties, high in protein and energy.   Very rich source of dietary fiber (60% per 100 gr RDA). IAll these properties makes Broad Beans a healthy and estraordinary Snack.


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Special Mixes

We make special mixtures of our products, consul us for..,

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Depending on the product , we have one or more formats and types of packaging..,

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